Woodlands Centre, Rustington

****Urgent News Update 15th Jan 2022******

Mandatory for entry to classes and dances
Proof of 2 vaccinations
and LFT on the night to bring with you.

Our social media presents has been growing in 2021/22, for those of you who use Facebook, you can find further info about events and updates on our Facebook page Diamond Danceaholics, just go to Facebook and type our name and hit the ‘join group’ button. 45D571D8-CD56-4196-A5DE-BE63ADF13AF9


If you have any questions please call or text Sue 07500898283



Welcome to 2022,,,,,!!!!!!!!

Our first dance back will be on the 5th January 2022 at the Shoreham Centre, please remember to continue with the COVID measures and let’s all stay safe. Thank you.

Every Wednesday dance will be from 8am to 10.30pm and it will £7.00 entry as of the 5th of January 2022 onwards.

all coronavirus guidelines will be followed including temperature testing, optional masks, and only fully vaccinated dancers will be admitted. Our aim is to Create a safe dancing environment.

Shoreham Centre Dance Covid Restictions

Shoreham Centre Requirements:
• Do not come if unwell.
• Masks to be used in public areas. (not needed while dancing though, but feel free to wear one if you want to)
• Full ventillation in all rooms in the centre.
• Please make use of hand sanitizers
Diamond-Danceaholics Requirements:
• Proof of Double-Jab required, or proof of covid pass.
• Bubble dancers: We have a wrist band for anyone who wants to stay in a bubble, for example you may not wish to have everyone ask you for a dance unless you know them, and know of their covid status, so wearing this band means that nobody may ask you for a dance.
• We will supply many hand sanitizers, please use them freely.

* Rapid test, (Lateral Flow Test)

We strongly urge all dancers to test yourself with a rapid test – available free, from all pharmacies.  They are simple to do and keep all of us safe.

Weekly Modern Jive for beginners, intermediates and advanced Classes every Wednesday night at the Shoreham Community Centre, Shoreham by sea.

So, you think you’ve got two left feet? Come to Diamond Dance and we will prove you wrong. Modern Jive with Salsa moves is the easiest partner dance you will ever learn. There is no need to come with a partner and no course fees!

Pay each time you come along.

With our new venue and dances in Shoreham By Sea  join us for an evening of fun.

One of our events at Charmandean centre