Woodlands Centre, Rustington

************UPDATED 9th September   2022*****************

The Diamond Dance family would like to extend heartfelt condolences to the Royal family. A life of service to our great nation, who strength has stood as a beacon of light for 70 years as our queen. Rest in peace your Majesty.



Next party dance will be Saturday 17th 2022 starting at the usual time 8pm at Shoreham Centre .

Please ask at the front desk for our tickets for the Redball and NYE Party





Please find enclosed our 2022 schedule so you can keep up to date with what’s going. Thank you (to view the picture, just click on it and you can view it in a larger mode)






All Saturday Nights Dance @ Shoreham centre will be a flat rate of £10.00 as of the next dance will be: 7th May 2022 – white knight freestyle dance night. (Dress code white optional)

All Friday Night Dances @ the woodlands in Rustington will be a flat rate of £10.00 as of the next dance on the 15th April 2022 Motown Night.


Thank you for all your support, you all have been amazing attending the Wednesday nights classes as well as the Saturday party dances at Shoreham, and the party nights at the woodlands centre in Rustington.

Our social media presents has been growing in 2021/22, for those of you who use Facebook, you can find further info about events and updates on our Facebook page Diamond Danceaholics, just go to Facebook and type our name and hit the ‘join group’ button. 45D571D8-CD56-4196-A5DE-BE63ADF13AF9


If you have any questions please call or text Sue 07500898283



Welcome to Diamond Dance

Every Wednesday dance will be from 8pm 10.30pm for our freestyle social dance night. If you would like to learn Modern jive, the beginner’s class starts at 7:45pm in a separate room.

Every Wednesday night at the Shoreham Community Centre, Shoreham by sea.

So, you think you’ve got two left feet? Come to Diamond Dance and we will prove you wrong. Modern Jive with Salsa moves is the easiest partner dance you will ever learn. There is no need to come with a partner and no course fees!

Pay each time you come along.

With our new venue and dances in Shoreham By Sea  join us for an evening of fun.

One of our events at Charmandean centre